The limitations of mobile hardware and storage have brought the cloud to the forefront of today’s IT operations.

Cloud integration gives all kinds of organisations, both growing and fully-fledged, a range of advantages: limitless, scalable storage, with instant access and easy collaboration.

But every virtual, off-site service is reliant on hardware, software and infrastructure – and is only as secure as its weakest link. That’s why Zones partners with the biggest, most trusted names in cloud computing to deliver accessible, on-demand cloud services, with rock-solid reliability and security as top priorities.


Sometimes, a third-party solution is the only way to ensure business continuity and effective disaster recovery. Should the worst happen to your main places of business, backups and hard copies could be lost to the same event. Self-managed off-site storage can be extremely costly and equally risky, so the cloud represents an excellent opportunity for reliable, secure and cost effective business continuity.

The advantages of cloud storage make it an enticing prospect, but storage is just a tiny glimpse of the possibilities of cloud computing. While storage is what the cloud is known best for, leveraging the power of off-site hardware and software can slash your organisation’s hardware spend and simplify your IT process.

The Zones network of suppliers includes some of the biggest names in cloud computing: Microsoft, Dropbox and Iron Mountain to name but a few. This allows us to devise tailored cloud solutions that combine solid infrastructure, scalable storage, iron-clad security and cloud-run applications, with backup and disaster recovery built in.

Talk to a Zones cloud solution specialist about how your business can take advantage of cloud solutions. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about key characteristics and business advantages of cloud computing: including cloud hosted applications, cloud storage, email and communications, disaster recovery and security.