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Our Solutions Journals provide you with the latest in the industry and what’s coming in the future. Packed with case studies, practical advice and promotions, you can view our past copies here.

Embracing the Digital DNA of Tomorrow’s Workforce

Spring 2018
The Fall 2017 edition of Solutions by Zones provides perspective on some of the ways businesses are transforming to support the digital workforce. Articles explore how companies that embrace mobile-first initiatives are moving ahead of the crowd; which workers may pose the greatest security risks; where mobile technology could be headed next; the ways cloud infrastructures unify digital workers across organisations; and how Zones helped K&N Engineering increase collaboration with a comprehensive UC solution.

The Dawn of the Digital Society

Autumn 2017
The Autumn 2017 edition of Solutions by Zones takes a look at the impact of explosive data growth and emerging technology on business and society today. Articles highlight the role of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, new technologies that enable productivity-enhancing work-from-home initiatives, the impact of cloud’s rising growth among enterprise and mid-market businesses, and how the unceasing growth of computing power and storage capability continues to drive innovation.