Druva Cloud Platform unifies data protection, governance and intelligence for business critical data. Over 4,000 enterprises trust Druva to protect and manage more than 50PB of data worldwide.

Backup That’s Simpler, Faster, and Future-proof.

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Unlock the Power of Your Data

Drive business agility through a scalable, predictable and on-demand data management platform

Harness the Power of the Cloud

Every organisation is struggling to manage increasing amounts of data in a growing number of locations, all resulting in increased costs and management complexity. The Druva Cloud Platform provides a simple, scalable approach to take control of your most critical data – all as-a-service. Now you can get visibility and control across your entire data footprint, all while realising the full value and efficiency of the cloud.

The Druva Difference

No Infrastructure

Make decisions based on business need, not on the limitations imposed by your legacy infrastructure.

On-demand Scale without Limits

A fully cloud-architected platform that easily scales into the petabytes and provides global reach.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Pay only what you consume with a predictable, cost-efficient model that removes budget uncertainty and drastically reduces TCO.

Services-oriented Model

Easily add new data sources and apply the services that best meet the objectives of the business.

Unified Management

Gain a holistic view across all organisational data activities and reduce administrative complexity and cost.

Druva inSync

Achieve 360° Protection & Governance For End User Data

Ensuring that your business data is protected is a huge challenge – especially with your data spread across endpoints and cloud applications like Office 365, Google G Suite, Box, and Salesforce. Druva inSync provides a simple approach to protecting, preserving and discovering your data, while reducing costs, risk and complexity.

Endpoint Data Protection

High performance backup, remote wipe and geo-location of laptops and smart devices.

Cloud Application Backup and Archival

Protection and governance for Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Box and Salesforce.

Data Compliance Monitoring

Identification and remediation at-rest sensitive data risks (PHI, PII, PCI).

Federated Search

Quick location of files across endpoints and cloud applications.

Legal Hold Management & eDiscovery Enablement

Instantly preserve custodian data for investigative and litigation needs.

OS Migration and Device Refresh

Centralised management for large-scale migrations and self-service refreshes.

Druva Phoenix

Enterprise-scale Data Protection Delivered as-a-Service…No Complexity. Easy. Get Started Within Minutes.

What is Druva Phoenix?

Druva Phoenix delivers data protection and management for enterprise workloads with a unique cloud-first approach. It combines high-performance, scalable backup, disaster recovery (DR), archival and analytics to simplify data protection, improving visibility and dramatically reducing the risk, cost and effort of managing today’s complex information environment – all delivered as-a-service.

Why Druva Phoenix?

Cloud Backup for Data Center and Remote Office

Eliminate disparate, non-integrated solutions and centrally manage protection for your remote offices, anywhere, with full visibility and fast recovery for physical and virtual environments

Ransomware Protection for Enterprise Infrastructure

Achieve data isolation from infrastructure attacks, and quickly restore data to minimise downtime of compromised systems

Disaster Recovery, Test/Dev & Workload Mobility

Failover within minutes; move workloads between regions, or on-premises to cloud and back; manage replication and spin up for test/dev as needed

Long-Term Retention and Data Archival

Manage long-term retention policies and have data auto-migrate to long-term cold storage — quickly recallable whenever you need it to better align to data policies and compliance requirements

Druva CloudRanger

Minimise the Data Protection Complexity of Your AWS Environments.

EC2. EBS. RDS. Redshift. Your data is spread across a variety of AWS services. Druva CloudRanger unifies and simplifies the automated disaster recovery and day-to-day data management of your AWS workloads. It’s one solution to manage it all – delivering fast recovery and insights to keep your business humming, cost efficiently.

Druva CloudRanger Use Cases?

Backup, Recovery and Retention

Backup and recovery for EC2, EBS, RDS, and RedShift within and across AWS regions and accounts.

Centralised Administration

Manage multiple AWS accounts and regions from a single dashboard for visibility into the organisation’s entire AWS footprint.

Lifecycle Management

Use AWS tags to automatically configure backups, retention and DR, as well as enforce policies for compliance.

Automated DR and Testing

Easily validate RTO/RPO and quickly failover to ensure business continuity across regions.

Orchestration and Scheduling

Customise start/stop/reboot schedules for optimal resource usage.

Why Zones and Druva?

Druva Partnership

We partner with Druva to deliver next generation cloud-based data management solutions to customers across all verticals.

Trained Engineers

Our engineers are fully Druva accredited with real-world Druva cloud-based data management experience.

 Druva Ecosystem

We provide turnkey Druva solutions from licensing, hardware through to full installation and ongoing support.

Global Reach

The Zones Druva expertise stretches around the globe with offices and distribution centres around the world.

Zones and Druva work with companies and organisations across the globe enabling digital transformation through next generation cloud-based data management.

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