Exchanging ideas and working together – the backbone of business success is communication.

Tying together multiple software platforms, media, hardware and device types into a seamless line of communication is one of today’s greatest business needs.

Digitally sharing files, exchanging text, communicating with VoIP and video calls – these are the platforms replacing traditional lines of communication everywhere. Zones ensures reliable, globally connected and instantly available unified communications across platforms.

Bringing teams together over vast distances doesn’t have to involve lengthy and expensive travel anymore. Video conferencing has made the world a smaller place. With drastic improvements in global connectivity, video and rich-media communication solutions are not only a viable option, but a great benefit to collaborative organisations. Remote and global teams can benefit greatly from the flexibility and personal feel of video – and so can clients, customers and end-users.

Consolidating communications ensures consistency and reliability, while also cutting cost. VoIP is a powerful and flexible alternative to traditional office phones, with advanced mobile capability and simple management. Instant messaging is a liberating work tool, made even more potent with file sharing, screen sharing and group collaboration. Having the right infrastructure in place to deliver seamless communication between teams, clients and end-users is a business necessity. Zones unified communications specialists design and build class-leading solutions, using our network of over 2,000 trusted suppliers.

With access to more hardware, more software and more knowledge, our innovative communication infrastructure strategies are bespoke, efficient and provide true value to our clients.

Working with Zones means getting access to all of our three decades-worth of IT experience, our peerless customer service and our vast supplier network. Find out why we’re trusted by the world’s leading organisations for unified communication solutions.

Contact the Zones team today to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable advisors about upgrading to Zones unified communication.