As business technology becomes more sophisticated and complex, the number of ways security can be compromised starts to grow.

Every new system, network and piece of hardware has to be vetted and stress-tested, to ensure every vulnerability is eradicated.

But online threats evolve daily and new exploits are constantly being discovered. This can slowly chip away defences, gradually making even the most watertight, robust and secure systems vulnerable.

In a shape-shifting technological landscape, a static ringfence of security is not enough. Proactive defence solutions that explore every avenue of vulnerability and use only the latest IT security knowledge are the best course of action for any organisation that’s serious about security.

To bring simplicity to the complex threat landscape, Zones employs a threat-centric approach that addresses security before, during and after an attack. With vigilant software monitoring server, network and endpoint use, your most sensitive and important resources are under constant watch. In the event of an attack, superior defence discovers breaches faster, buying you more time and mitigating losses. When swift defence is paired with effective disaster recovery, business operations can resume with minimal downtime.

Every IT solution is as unique as the organisation running it – and each one needs to remain stable, safe and secure. Protecting business and personal data is the single most high-profile, brand critical IT need facing businesses today. With a vast array of security measures at our disposal, Zones has the knowledge and the resources to create your digital fortress.

Today’s server solutions offer full protection and management for physical, virtual and cloud deployments. Modern endpoint protection covers internet and private network connection, with continuous detection, response and remediation capabilities.

Talk to Zones today, for specialised, global IT security solutions. Our friendly team of knowledgeable IT professionals are ready to talk through your security needs, whatever your priorities may be.