Even in the recent past, nobody could have anticipated that the mobile phone would become the world’s favourite personal computer.

The mobile revolution made technology more capable, accessible and widespread than ever before – and meeting the demands of a rapidly expanding mobile user base is a brand new challenge.

Businesses rely on mobile computing technology more than ever. Power users demand solid, reliable devices that are always-connected. Enterprise businesses are moving towards mobile POS, and healthcare in both private and public sectors is experiencing the power and flexibility of mobile patient management. But a mobile device is only as good as the infrastructure it’s connected to. Zones equips businesses and organisations, of every size, for the mobile future.

Zones mobility solutions provide an employee and customer-focused infrastructure that delivers – one that meets your goals. With an optimised mobile infrastructure comes reduced IT spend, more powerful implementation and better user experiences. The Zones team designs and delivers custom mobility solutions, sourcing software and hardware from over 2,000 trusted suppliers in a near-infinite range of configurations. Our designs and strategies are made to work for you. We take the incredibly complex mobility problem and make it effortlessly simple, streamlining disparate processes into a seamless whole.

A solid mobility solution considers everything: from simply making sure there’s full and even wifi coverage, to ensuring robust security, our planning and strategic approach leaves nothing to chance. 

An enterprise-level mobility infrastructure requires device management, user management, company-wide software updates, consistent configuration and cross-device consistency. Zones, with over three decades of expert experience in business technology, has the power to bring sophisticated, managed solutions to your organisation.

When sensitive information passes through your network, you need a mobility solution that you can trust – one that is as powerful as it is secure. Zones has the knowledge and vigilance required to keep user data safe, with proactive defence strategies formulated for each client.

With a single point of contact, support and management is swift and effective. Our approach to service is complete. Our team oversees your project from conception to completion, remaining on hand to help your organisation thrive with full-featured mobility solutions.