Interconnected machines are proliferating around the world, generating data in vast quantities and making short work of processes that were once labour and resource-intensive.

The Internet of Things is more than smart TVs, fridges and home assistants – and while these modern conveniences are welcome at the consumer level, their greatest potential lies in business and operations. IoT is a technological revolution in the making.

With more data comes greater efficiency, optimisation and smarter ways of doing business. Storing that data, making sense of it and acting on those insights are the key challenges posed. By implementing an organisation-wide strategy, Zones turns the once unknown into measurable, meaningful, money-saving data. With real-time decision-making, both automated and from human analysis, organisations can reduce their spend and highlight key areas for business growth.

While better data brings about better strategy, the Internet of Things also offers businesses reliable automation, self-regulating processes and greater efficiency to core administrative areas where this was previously impossible. Cost-effective new technologies have made smart devices more accessible and a viable business solution.

Security and anonymity are primary concerns surrounding the Internet of Things – and for good reason: these connected devices are often collecting sensitive data. Protecting your company and connected users is critical for success, security and ongoing trust.

By implementing API and effective cross-device communication protocols, standardised platforms can be established that deliver meaningful data, flexible automation and actionable business strategies. Our experienced team can accelerate your ROI with focused strategy sessions, where we work with clients to develop a long-term strategy for IoT.

Zones’ IoT workshops assess the current state of implementation and define projects and goals. By developing a proof of concept, we’ll confirm that results will meet these long-term objectives. With total lifecycle support and continual process improvement, we’ll assess progress and help deliver new strategies, devices and projects that will build your IoT infrastructure.

Zones has developed a unified IoT partner ecosystem, giving our customers everything from temperature and lighting control to access control and remote operated security. Zones software partners provide data management and analytics, which brings our clients better business outcomes from meaningful data.

With our knowledge of networking and reliable, trusted suppliers, you can be confident that a Zones IoT solution will make the difference you’re looking for. Contact our experienced team and find out why Cisco made Zones their Partner of the Year for both Solution Innovation and U.S. National Solution Excellence.