Ageing data centres face considerable challenges.

Catering to an array of devices and handling the explosion of data being produced every day, data centres are being pushed to the limits of their capabilities.

With every component carefully considered, from servers, down to power supply and cooling hardware, Zones recommends best-in-class data centre technologies and modular solutions. Your data centre should grow with your business – so you never have to miss an opportunity.

Our vast supplier network and close relationships with significant hardware and software vendors give us access to the very latest data centre technology.



Server technology has moved beyond the sledgehammer approach of bigger is better. Modern servers certainly deliver a new level of raw processing power – but automation, remote management capabilities and major improvements in efficiency have made modern servers precision tools.


Virtualisation is the single greatest way to reduce overall IT costs. Reducing hardware burden, improving access for teams and software availability, reliable virtualisation is no longer the reserve of the biggest or the richest organisations.

Storage and Data Protection

High-capacity, lightning-fast and easy to manage storage should be standard equipment on every server. But keeping all that data safe is priority number one. With the continually shapeshifting threat posed by malicious actors, only the very latest defence and knowledge is enough. Zones builds every data centre as a digital fortress, with cutting-edge security technology protecting the most sensitive parts of your business.

Network Infrastructure

Networks are larger and more diverse than they’ve ever been. So many devices, so many applications and so much network load. Keeping everyone connected, wirelessly or otherwise, takes planning and finesse. With unified, single-point network management providing visibility across entire networks, resources can be kept completely under control.


Powerful, smart – and secure above all else. Digital threats evolve constantly, and while no two days are the same, the risk of compromised data is always present. As malicious attacks have proliferated and become more advanced, defence has evolved with it. To Zones, security is deadly serious. We strive to build the most secure data centres possible, using the very latest techniques and a proactive approach to defence.

Power and Cooling

The newfound flexibility of today’s servers puts them leaps and bounds ahead of previous generations. But inevitably, with their increased power comes more heat. Power and heat management are integral stages to the design and planning of data centres. Zones data centre architecture is designed to maximise uptime and minimise waste – keeping your server room running longer, cooler and more efficiently.