samsungknox1It’s now possible to execute the working day around a smartphone or tablet: cloud computing, email and the internet combine to give workers access to all required functions, in one compact device, anywhere. Increasingly, devices are being customised for highly specialist uses, from in-flight entertainment to home healthcare.

But, flexible and convenient as this is, it means that the device itself now needs to be as secure as any office-based desktop PC. An ‘always on’ employee is also ‘always vulnerable’.

Knox is Samsung’s solution to this issue. It protects both hardware and software to give comprehensive privacy and security. Several options are available:

  • samsungknox2My Knox is a free app aimed at employees’ personal devices. It creates a separate environment for private apps and data: if the device is stolen or has malware installed, the data inside My Knox is still protected. Any apps running inside My Knox are automatically encrypted, securing sensitive and private information; sensitive documents can be stored inside My Knox and unlocked with a fingerprint.
  • Knox Premium is a cloud-based management console that supports select Samsung Android devices. It offers high-grade security features such as on-device encryption and two factor biometric authentication; it can separate work apps and data, and can manage and control access to apps via whitelist and blacklist capabilities.
  • Knox Workspace can be used as an add-on to Knox Premium, and offers more advanced features. It is a defence-grade security solution, protecting both the hardware itself and the applications and data on the device. It separates out professional and personal data, so that company data is secure and manageable, while on-the-go employees can still use personal apps and data. Only secure, tested apps can be used in the password-protected Knox Workspace, but workers can switch between Knox Workspace and personal apps with the touch of a button. If corporate data is compromised, Knox Workspace locks it permanently.
  • Knox Customisation allows some tailoring of devices, to repurpose them for specific tasks – for example, adding logos to boot screens and wallpaper, or restricting usage of certain functions.

With the expansion of the Knox portfolio, and the combination of software and hardware protection, Samsung has delivered a well-priced enterprise mobility solution, ideal for the SMB market.