As businesses increasingly embrace mobile working, the need for employees to work freely is more important than ever. But what about those workers who need to be at a desk, or are on the phone all day, such as call centre helpers, financial traders, or helpdesk staff?

Jabra has released its latest generation of workplace headsets, with the new Engage 75 and 65 range with a number of major upgrades that will benefit call-centric workers across a wide scope of industries.

Available in mono (one earpiece), stereo (two earpieces) or convertible (single in-ear) form factor, the new devices are able to address several major pain points.

Phone calls are becoming more complex, as workers often need to access detailed information in order to ensure success. This is especially key in scenarios such as financial trading, where a banker may be finalising a high-value transaction – but also in a technical support role requiring precise knowledge to solve a customer issue.

With customer satisfaction becoming a key KPI for such staff, the ability to solve complex problems over the phone can be essential to building a business relationship. But being packed into noisy, overcrowded offices can negatively effect on call quality, and it is also these problems that Jabra is now addressing.

Jabra’s new hardware features a new DECT chipset that allows for more concurrent users within the same space than ever before. The company says that three times as many devices can now be operational within an open-plan office. But users also now benefit from a greater wireless range than previous generations, with the new headsets able to provide up to 150m range.

The headsets also offer battery life to last throughout the working day, with up to 13 hours talk-time. Recharging the devices is quick and easy, with a micro-USB charger in the base which makes it easier to dock the headset correctly.

The new Engage hardware also contains a new two-way microphone set-up that the company says offers “unmatched” call quality, providing clearer, smoother audio. However it also provides advanced noise-cancelling ability, with one microphone listening out for exterior noise and shutting that out.

Connect up to 5 devices to the Engage 75, and up to two devices on the Engage 65, increasing your availability for customer calls. The Engage series also meets Skype for Business Open Office requirements.

The new devices are also more secure than ever, featuring military-grade protection thanks to DECT security level C, and also feature greater physical toughness, with a build of flexible plastic that can survive even high-pressured trading floors.