Your business needs fast and reliable IT solutions that enable all departments and entities to work effectively together. With inefficient silos, myriad servers and storage that just isn’t cutting it, companies can certainly suffer. The IT staff is spread way too thin trying to cope with outdated solutions. Data is never there when you need it, and as a result essential resources are virtually inaccessible or are left underutilised.

Lenovo for Server, Storage and Networking Solutions

The Global Server Hardware Reliability’s 2015-16 Report, named Lenovo #1 in product reliability of all x86 servers across the globe. What does this, in effect, mean for your business’s infrastructure? By partnering with Nutanix, Microsoft and VMware, Lenovo is able to deliver the absolute best appliances on the market today. Streamlining operations while keeping your data centre highly manageable and centralised, the HX Series of hyperconverged appliances deliver greater reliability than ever before.

Hyperconvergence is understandably the future when it comes to ultimate IT efficiency across otherwise matrixed environments. And with Lenovo’s Converged HX Series Appliances, scalability is a given regardless of how quickly or expansively your organisation may grow.

End to End: Lenovo’s Got You Covered

We all know that businesses no longer run on PC’s alone. Phones and devices, in-the-field forms of communication are just as integral to the health of a company as your computers. Lenovo’s Converged HX Series of Appliances has all of your needs covered in terms of networking capabilities, server functionality and storage capacity, whether phone, laptop or tablet.

Hyperconverged Solutions

  • HX 1000 Series. Designed to handle light to medium workloads, this appliance is perfect for a variety of business applications and VDI. As it is optimised for remote office management, any company can benefit from Lenovo’s innovative solution to consolidate office IT functions across an array of branches regardless of where they’re located. This effectively brings hyperconverged infrastructures to multiple remote sites.
  • HX 2000 Series. Engineered with SMEs in mind, this series is ideal for web serving, VDI as well as light database applications. Offering a robust way to consolidate IT functions across the board, the HX 2000 hyperconverged appliances represent the future in terms of how small to medium sized business will conduct day-to-day operations.
  • HX 3000 Series. For compute-heavy workloads, the HX 3000 appliance series are available in rack scale, all flash and GPU models. Ideal for collaboration and database work, with this series you get accelerated time-to-value.
  • HX 5000 Series. Optimised for storage-heavy workloads, the HX 5000 Series is high capacity making it optimal when it comes to big data analytics and backup and disaster recovery.
  • HX 7000 Series. This high-performance workload appliance most definitely does the job especially when it comes to database intensive enterprise applications like ERP and CRM. Additionally, it is optimised for I/O intensive operations.

Designed to simplify IT management regardless of scale or workload, Lenovo’s Converged HX series Appliances offer a solution for just about any sized environment. Consistently #1 in Server Customer Satisfaction according to the latest TBR survey, Lenovo’s hyperconverged series is another industry mainstay in an already reliable line of dynamic IT solutions.

Simple to deploy and offering a higher return on investment, the HX family of appliances dramatically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO), thereby saving your company money and time, two of the most important assets you have!