Cisco Spark

Create. Share. Do.

Space to create, share, and get work done together.
Always available. Cisco secure.


Everything teams need for messages, meetings, and calls. Always available. And the only one backed by Cisco security and reliability.

What is Cisco Spark?

A simple, secure space where you can get things done from anywhere in the world. Connecting your endpoints to the cloud.


Team workspaces for conversations, sharing, and staying connected. Accessible and searchable from any device.


Cisco Spark cloud-based phone systems with new video phones. Or connect your existing Cisco phones.


Instant video calling with screen sharing. Scheduled meetings powered by WebEx. Conference rooms video-enabled with a Cisco Spark room device.


Interactive drawing and white boarding from your phone, tablet, or Cisco Spark Board. Saved instantly to your work space.


Your Exchange calendar and Active Directory — accessible in Cisco Spark even from mobile devices.


Your apps, right where you need them. Plus bots that do the legwork for you so you get more done, faster.

One service. One platform.

The Cisco Spark service has revolutionised the way to get work done. Anywhere, anytime, any device. An all-in-one platform hosted direct from the cloud, for all your business communications. One service that brings everything you need together in one place to message, call and meet.

Unite your mobile messaging app, calling, web and video conferencing tools in a single platform that will bring your business to life. And better yet, it keeps a history of all the work you get done. Enjoy a working experience like no other. Cisco Spark: it’s simple, it’s secure and it’s complete.

Teamwork to win

Make teamwork seamless wherever you are with Cisco Spark. A single solution connecting everyone through meetings, video and messaging. At the touch of a button anyone can set up and join a video meeting, create project groups, and switch between devices. Get more done in less time. Bring your teams together to make those big wins happen.

Simple meetings

Everything working together. Our best collaboration tools in one complete service delivers a seamless meeting experience regardless of location or device. Tap and it’s a video meeting. Join from anywhere: on any mobile device or room system.

Scheduling a meeting? Integrate Cisco Spark Hybrid Services with Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange to instantly find your team and schedule online meetings. No more fussing with meeting URLs – it’s handled for you.

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